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CBB Daily Stats

Get access to daily ncaa basketball stats and game lines in .csv format.  Daily stats updated include game day, game date, game time, game location, game officials, game attendance, away team, home team, home line, over under, away Min, away FgAtt, away Fgs, away 3ptAtt, away 3pts, away FtAtt, away Fts, away OffReb, away DefReb, away TotReb, away Ass, away Pf, away Stl, away To, away Blk, away Pts, home Min, home FgAtt, home Fgs, home 3ptAtt, home 3pts, home FtAtt, home Fts, home OffReb, home DefReb, home TotReb, home Ass, home Pf, home Stl, home To, home Blk, home Pts. Only $29.99 for an entire year!


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