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MLB Daily Updates

Get access to daily MLB stats and game lines available for download in .CSV format and updated DAILY. Stats updated daily include game date, visiting team name, home team name, visitor line, home line, over under, visiting starting pitcher name, home starting pitcher name, visitor at bats, visitor runs, visitor hits, visitor rbi, visitor doubles, visitor triples, visitor home runs, visitor stolen bases, visitor caught stealing, visitor total bases, visitor base on balls, visitor strike outs, visitor left on base, visitor sp hr allowed, visitor sp strike outs, visitor sp bb against, visitor sp runs against, visitor sp hits against, visitor sp innings pitched, visitor sp total pitches thrown, visitor bp hr allowed, visitor bp strike outs, visitor bp bb against, visitor bp runs against, visitor bp hits against, visitor bp ip, visitor bp total pitches, home at bats, home runs scored, home hits, home rbi, home doubles, home triples, home home runs, home stolen bases, home caught stealing, home total bases, home base on balls, home strike outs, home left on base, home sp hr allowed, home sp strike outs, home sp bb against, home sp runs against, home sp hits against, home sp innings pitched, home sp total pitches thrown, home bp hr allowed, home bp strike outs, home bp bb against, home bp runs against, home bp hits against, home bp ip, home bp total pitches. Only $29.99 per year!


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